This beautiful purse was designed and is used every single day by me. It allows you to peacefully manage the flow of money in your life.

Lovingly made in Australia with 100% organic cotton & eco-responsible fabrics. I have sourced fabrics that are committed to respecting the rights of all individuals, a devotion to sustained social compliance and an accountability to the environment.

It features: 6 zippered pouches with customisable labels so you can plan and manage your spending, four card sleeves that fits up to 20 cards and has a sturdy magnetic clasp.

Once purchased I will contact you to confirm your choice of fabric.

 $89.95 (+ $9.95 P&H Australia Only).



In just two weeks, you will get everything you need to turn your relationship with money into one you’ve only ever dreamt of. 

You will receive daily videos, downloadable mind maps, checklists & soulful spending strategies. There are also two webinars and access to a private Facebook group filled with other women just like you who want to improve their relationship with money.  

The next Mindful Money Masterclass starts November 7th, 2016.


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This is a practical and meaningful system for managing your money. It is perfect for the self starter. It combines three crucial elements for experiencing financial wellbeing; method, mindset and mindfulness. You will feel less stressed about where your money is going, discover what money wellness means to you, identify what you really value and how to choose your money beliefs.

It is packed full of practical systems, rituals and techniques to help you relate to money in a more soulful and mindful manner. This starter kit includes a printable excel template, set-up guide and user videos to help you get started step-by-step.


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Empowering & nurturing meditations to heal your relationship with money.

There are three meditations in this pack:

1. Heal your relationship with money (7:18)
2. Surf the urge to spend (4:36)
3. Take a break and be present (4:45)


Copy of Copy of Copy of Money Mindfulness


Colour and encourage yourself to soulful spending. Write loving and supportive messages to yourself and wrap them around your debit/credit card. Feel confident, empowered and mindful every time you make a money decision. 

Before you swipe your card let these reminders help you to make conscious spending choices.

Just print, cut, fold and add your own empowering message.


Copy of Copy of Money Mindfulness (3)


Citrine crystal personally infused with healing reiki energy to bring about abundance and money healing. Keep it in areas where you focus on managing your money, near your computer or in your handbag or wallet.  

Each crystal is approximately 2.5cm long and 2cm wide but will vary from the one pictured.

$9.95 (+$3.95 P&H Australia Only).