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Money is never just about money, right?

It touches every aspect of our lives and it’s so damn hard to talk about! 
I work with women individually, in couples and as blossoming entrepreneurs who are craving a more mindful approach to money. My sessions help to build a more holistic outlook towards money management so you can earn, spend, save, invest and share with meaning and joy.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good financial spreadsheet. But don’t worry if you don’t. The best money tools I use are simple, supportive and most importantly do not cause money stress.
I understand that money is hard to talk about, that it causes sleepless nights and knots in your stomach. I understand that it is the cause of fights, fears and shame. I understand that most women feel out of control with their money, anxious about their debt or not even sure what their financial situation is.
I do not have a traditional accountants manner or methods. I focus on enhancing your financial wellbeing by integrating my experience and expertise in human behaviour, mindfulness and financial management.
I approach money management in three ways:
1. Money Mindset: Weave together your values and your financial resources to bring meaning and wellness into your life.
2. Money Methods: Eliminate financial stress from your life by using practical and purposeful methods, systems and rituals.
3. Money Mindfulness: Untangle your money beliefs and behaviours around money through mindfulness and nurturing meditation practices.
To get an idea of how my sessions work then keep reading…
No matter where you live or your situation I will be able to help you as all of my sessions are conducted via Skype and I offer payment plans!


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Your session will be tailored to meet your specific situation and goals, for example:
* Redefining money success
* Remedying overspending
* Discovering what you really value
* Learning how to love yourself debt free
* How to worry less about money; and
* How to strengthen your relationship with practical money rituals.
The success of your session depends entirely on your willingness and commitment to take action. But I will be there to support, guide and nurture you.
I will send you some pre-session materials to help me get to know you, your habits and your money management rituals. I won’t ask you what you earn or what your bank balance is. To understand your money situation we will work with ratios to see where your money goes and if it aligns with your values. I won’t give you any guidance before I really understand the YOU in how you manage your money and the challenges you are facing.
Single Session INVESTMENT: $150 per hour 


If you would like to purchase a pack of 3 hours you receive a 20% discount. Once purchased you have 12 months to use them.
Money Session 3 Pack INVESTMENT: $360 for 3 hours


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I am here to help you infuse your money management rituals with a sense of joy and adventure, please contact me here with any questions.