Welcome to the home of my

money + wellness philosophy!

I want this space to inspire you to...
redefine money success and
discover what is really important to you.


Because  I want to stop money from being the biggest source of stress in your life.

My Philosophy

I believe you can have a wildly joyful and spirit-filled relationship with money. You can be free of financial worries, of comparing yourself to others and of that familiar ache at the bottom of your stomach at the very thought of money.
But, the reality for so many of us is not knowing where to start. The demands and busyness of life leaves us feeling lost and drowning in a scary amount of money stress.
And unfortunately, most personal finance guidance only focuses on how to make more or spend less. Rarely does it look at how to bring more meaning and joy to the way you relate to money.
I would love to share my mindful approach to money management with you. It helps busy women like you, bring balance to their lives and spending choices in a way that is easy and sustainable. My consultations, resources and courses will help you to be the master of your money and earn, save, invest, share and spend it soulfully!
I want to encourage you to manage your money with a sense of purpose.
I want to encourage you to allow money to deepen and strengthen the support and closeness you experience within your intimate relationships.
I want to encourage you to decide how to relate to money.
Your relationship with money is one that lasts a lifetime, why not choose to let it fill your life with wellness and a sense of adventure!
To get an idea of how my money sessions work check out this page.

 A little about medivider-grey

Who am I and what do I know about Money + Wellness?
I am an accountant (CPA, certified practicing accountant), a systems and processes IT professional, qualified trainer, Reiki Master and a Mama of two.
I have held senior positions in big companies (ASX top 100), with big budgets, across countries and multiple industries (Government, Airline, Banking, Energy and Higher Education.) So, I know how to align financial resources (money) with corporate values and achieve strategic goals. I know how to create practical systems and strategies to take the stress out of managing money.
I have studied Reiki, Massage, Nutritional therapies and completed a Masters in Human Resources Management. I have spent 30 days in silent meditation retreats, studied Buddhism in a monastery in Myanmar, hiked mountains in Nepal and walked 800km across Spain to complete the Camino de Santiago. So, I know a bit about mindfulness, compassionate self-awareness and ways to find out what is really important to you.
My logo is the base chakra symbol which is all about feeling safe, secure and confident, as I help women redefine money success.
I find balance in my life by taking breaks to be amongst nature with my family, practice reiki and meditation and swim in the sunshine.
If you would like to find out more about me and how I can guide and support you to infuse your money management rituals with a sense of joy and adventure, please contact me here.
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