What is the Mindful Money Starter Kit?



I am so excited to share the Mindful Money Starter Kit with you. It is a system that I have created and use to build a more holistic outlook towards managing my money. I have been using it and tweaking it for over 8 years and I am sure you will find it wonderfully practical and supportive.
If you feel out of control with your spending, anxious about your debt, unable to save, not even sure what your financial situation is or want to bring a little peace to the way you manage your money, then the Mindful Money Starter Kit will help you.

What will I get? divider-grey

The Mindful Money Starter Kit  incorporates mindset strategies, a practical system and mindfulness practices that I use every day to keep balanced and focused in the way I manage my family’s money.
It includes:
* A printable 26 page Playbook jam packed with exercises, mind maps, affirmations and activities.
* A printable excel template and user guide; and
* Two printable posters (6 Soulful Spending Strategies & 7 Steps to Money Wellness)


Using this method you will:
1. Identify all of your fixed/non-negotiable expenses and never pay late fees again
2. Always pay yourself
3. Become friends with cash by using it to manage your discretionary/flexible expenses
4. Choose to spend your money on things that bring value to your life
5. Redefine what money success means to you
You will feel less stressed about where your money is going, discover what money wellness means to you, identify what you really value, how to be generous and how to choose your money beliefs. This will enable you to pay bills, save for and enjoy holidays, support your favourite charity, buy meaningful investments and put money away to protect you and your family, all with purpose and passion.
This starter kit is packed full of practical systems, rituals and techniques to help you relate to money in a more soulful and mindful manner.

Requirements divider-grey

This starter kit is ideal for the self-starter. It is easy to set up with a couple of  calculations using a  template I have created. I use Microsoft Excel as most people have it and it is relatively simple to use.  You could attempt to do it completely spreadsheet and technology free, but I would not advise it (I tried to do it and made human errors). It uses no technology ongoing.

Who will benefit? divider-grey

If you are feeling overwhelmed by money, that your spending habits are not aligned to your values, you have no idea how much you spend on groceries, how much you should be putting aside to cover your electricity bill or whether you can afford another holiday this year then the Mindful Money Starter Kit is for you! You don’t need to be in the depths of debt to benefit (but you certainly will if you are), you may be earning a great income but have nothing to show for it or feel that your spending habits are not fulfilling your values.
If you are committed to changing the way you currently manage your money then this starter kit is for you.

Your INVESTMENT: $49.95 

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