My Go-To For Comparing Energy Offers

bringing light to the topic

Sometimes money stress is so challenging because we don't know what to do with it and how to resolve it with positive action.

Increasing energy costs are a great example of this.

You may have received your latest energy or gas bill and thought 'Wow that seems expensive', but it feels like such a hassle to look up last years bill to do a comparison and then search for alternatives.

The demands of daily life divert your attention anyway from the fact that you are potentially being ripped off by energy companies. You forget about it (for a while).

Then just as you are falling asleep that annoying voice in your head torments you.

You are still stuck with an unresolved money challenge - could I get a better energy deal and save myself and my family money?

Then there is an advertisement on TV or a friend comments about how much their bill has gone up.

And your stomach sinks.

Even if you are getting the best deal out there you don't know it and the possibility of being over charged sickens you with stress.

So, lets check out the Australian Government energy comparison site, Energy Made Easy and put this stress to bed.

One:     Find your last energy and gas bill

Two:     Go to

Three:  Check out the results and follow-up with the retailers which give you the best deal.

Four:    Don't forget to be bold and ask additional discounts or offers when you are making a switch.

There, job done!

No more energy cost stress.

I calculated that our new provider would save us $177 based on our last bill. 

Remember it is common for retailers to change their prices in July. So I have put a reminder in my diary for next July to visit the site again and review my energy rates.

Confidently remind yourself that you now have a simple system for reviewing your energy costs yearly.

You have embraced a new ritual for mindfully managing your money.