How to re-calibrate your values compass and bring awareness to what is important to you

the women that inspire me

Most of us when asked who we admire, look up to and consider to be our role models would say, Oprah, a famous actress, singer or a successful business women.

Without under valuing the contribution these women make to the world I cannot honestly say that they are who I admire most. Mainly, because I don’t really know them. I don’t watch much TV or follow celebrities. My time and interests are elsewhere.

But the interesting and powerful thing about considering the women who you admire most is that the characteristics that you admire highlight what you value and often what you are striving to be yourself.

Listing and thinking about women who inspire you can actually be a great exercise in understanding your own values.

This will help to…

Recalibrate your values compass and bring your awareness to what is important to you.

And guide your career choices, passion projects and how you spend your time and money.

And of course, like everything, what you appreciate in others and value may change throughout your life. So, try reflecting on them once a year and share them with your partner.

So…who are the queens of your heart at this very moment?

The first 5 women that pop into my head, are everyday women who embrace who they are as individuals and step into their power and are ok with sharing their vulnerabilities.

Here they are (not ranked) and what I admire most about them…

My Reiki Teacher – her kindness, unconditional love and wisdom is so inspiring.  Her passion to pass on the art of reiki and her generosity of heart has healed so many.

My son’s Kindergarten Director – her dedication and energy that she brings to her work is amazing.  She has found a way to utilise her skills and talents in a way that fuels her and supports so many children entering into the early stages of their learning journey.

My obstetrician – her ability to provide exceptional care primarily to high risk pregnancies with ease, efficiency and ethical standards was like no other obstetrician I have come across. In fact, I have never known someone in the medical profession like her, she was always on time, extremely thorough, had reasonable fees and spent her holidays helping women in developing countries. What an amazing woman!

My sister – her ability to rise above physical pain is unmatched and her generosity, thoughtfulness and constant care for others, especially her family is off the hook!

My Aunty – despite being in her late-70s (she would hate me writing that!) she ventures off overseas on her own, meeting up with friends to study foreign languages. What an adventurous and independent spirit!

I would love to hear who inspires you. Please feel free to comment below.