3 tips for a joyful relationship with money


Have you ever thought about having a joyful relationship with money?

Or is it too hard to even imagine?

Maybe just the very thought of money makes you squirm, feel frustrated and stuck in a place of struggle. If it does, then know that you are not alone.

Sometimes we earn a great income but have nothing to show for it or our spending habits cause more guilt than pleasure.

So, how can we untangle the challenging feelings we have towards money and approach the topic in a more loving manner?


Tip #1: Define what it would feel like

What would a joyful relationship with money ‘feel’ like to you?

Might it include the elation of knowing you always had enough money to pay for all the wonderful things and experiences you had thoughtfully and deliberately chosen to spend your money on?

That you were generous and grounded about how you shared your money.

That you could simply and confidently talk to your loved ones about your money decisions and that it strengthened the connection you felt between you and your love. Imagine never feeling fearful or shameful about money.

That you were gritty by persisting and persevering with money challenges until they were resolved instead of sticking your head in the sand.

Knowing what a joyful relationship with money might feel like to you is so important, because if we don’t define it we will definitely wind up with something else.


Tip #2: Know why you want to change

If you are committed to changing how you interact with your money then you need to know why.

Why is a healthy relationship with money important to you?

Why do you want to change how you think and feel about money and what you do with it?

How would this positively impact your well-being?


Tip #3: Be mindful & grateful  

Does the way you currently manage your money spark joy? Do you take care of your purse, keep track of you spending, feel overwhelmed by the future or feel guilty spending money?

Marie Kondo writes in her book Spark Joy: An Illustrate Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying up. “By taking good care of your wallet, you will feel gratitude every time you remove some cash, and this will actually change how you use your money.”

Happiness starts with you