One of the most loving and simple things you can do for your family


Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities.

What I am going to describe might seem like one of the most depressing activities, but it is actually one of the most loving and simple acts you can do for your family.

Please don't be put off,  keep reading and get ready to prepare your own 'Bourne Box'.

It is incredibly important.

I love the Jason Bourne movies. The fast pace, impossible escapes and story line full of intrigue and masterful twists and turns.

This movie inspired me to name my family's safety box the 'Bourne Box'.

Instead of preparing a box of things for my loved ones in the case of me passing away, which is a devastating thought for a mum with two young kids, I decided to think of what I would want in that box if I was a cool agent like Jason Bourne (less the guns and fake passports!).

I have created a printable checklist so you can gather together all of your items easily. I have printed mine, laminated it and keep a copy in my 'Bourne Box' so I can check it off and then reuse it again.

So imagine you are a secret agent and you are putting all your important things aside just in case you need them.

Instead of wads of cash you will have debit cards and credit cards so you can access cash immediately.

Instead of a gun you will have a hard drive with all your precious photos.

If you wash-up and find yourself  with amnesia you will have some letters you can read to your loved ones and to yourself so you can find your feet again.

And although I am trying to avoid considering the situation where my spirit has moved on, this checklist makes sure your family will have everything they need to access wills, funeral details, close down your social media accounts and have a special gift of your heartfelt words.

Make sure you find a safe place to store everything together. I would suggest paying for a fireproof and waterproof safety box - houses can burn down and flood.

Don't let time, money or a sad mindset stop you from protecting yourself and your family.

The more I think about it the more important the creation of this Bourne Box is and the ritual of checking its contents every three months.

I am going to add it to my Money + Wellness Rituals.


I would love to hear if you found any other items that should be added to the list please feel free to add them to the comments section below.