What will happen if we slow down?

go slow


How are you feeling today?

Have you given yourself permission to stop, pause and take a breath?

Or are you like me and you are sprinting from one task to another, fearful of stopping because everything might fall apart.

It’s excruciatingly exhausting isn’t it?

Not only do we feel stuck being busy on the outside but our mind is constantly running on the inside. Perhaps we are afraid to find out who we would be without being busy?

Every morning we wake up with adrenalin, “What time is it? Am I on schedule? “

The intensity of our thoughts as they flood into our mind first thing in the morning is instantly tiring. These thoughts suck out all of the replenishment our beautiful bodies accomplished while sleeping.

We are often so motivated to “do” by the love we have for our partners, our children, our families, our homely sanctuaries and businesses that we find it so hard to stop.

We are continually doing, planning and problem solving.

Why can’t our new diaries come with magical restorative powers so we can finally start the New Year feeling rested and able to face and enjoy the challenges of life?

But, sooner or later comes a turning point. Maybe we feel like our spirit is drowning and not thriving, we get sick or an outsider says “hey, you are stuck in perfectionism and striving, don’t get burnt out.”

So, if this sounds a little or a lot like you then read on. This is not a sad and solution-less situation.

We just needed to remind ourselves that we have choices.

Saturday afternoon I reflected on this, with the help of my lovely mentor. I realised that my current approach is squeezing all the space and energy out of my life. It has taken me nearly four years to see this and a week to stop being defensive about receiving her direct and loving feedback.

A big part of me likes being the person that people admire because I get so much stuff done with such little time. It’s hard to let go of this.

But the fact is the perfectionist, fast-paced and mind-driven part of me has been sneakily dominating my internal stage for far too long. This approach may have brought me great success in getting stuff done in my corporate life, but it is still destroying my spirit. 

Busy-ness and constantly striving is someone else’s definition of success not mine.

As I experienced and know too well, having money but not doing something you love doesn’t make you wealthy or abundant, it just makes you sad.

Could going slow be the key to the change that I need and crave?

Well, I am going to find out.

This year is my year for slowing down and embracing simplicity.

It is about finding ways to prioritise those things that really matter to me in a nourishing way and passing on perfection. It’s about experiencing how productive resting and daydreaming can be.

This experiment isn’t going to be a 14, 30 or even 90 day project. It deserves a full year (365 days) dedicated to exploring, persevering and discovering the healing wisdom of ‘go slow’.

Go Slow will be my mantra for living, parenting, for managing my money and working.

Each week I will share with you what worked and didn’t work and create practical rituals that you can incorporate into your life so you too can embrace the nourishing effect of going slow.

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