It’s time to just be.


It’s only one more sleep until Christmas.
The excitement is building hourly in our household and not just from the kids.
It is such a happy time, but also a stressful one.
Over the last month at least three of our biggest stress triggers (money, health & feeling connected with those we love) have been overloaded.
And it’s about now that we have all spent more money than we expected to on presents, food and decorations. We have already filled our bodies with less than nourishing food and we are feeling emotionally drained from too many social gatherings with people that we don’t feel a loving/supportive connection with.
And it’s about now that the pressure to make Christmas day perfect is hitting ridiculous heights.
Where does it all come from?
For me Christmas is a time when I want to delight all the ones I love with special things that make them feel valued. I don’t want to be stingy. I want to provide flamboyant feasts, gifts oozing with generosity and turn my house into a Christmas wonderland.
But why?
Are all of those things about me and how I want people to view me or is it about them?
Sitting on the couch last night I asked my husband the reckless spender question “Do you think we have bought enough gifts?”
Followed by “I would really like to get that tepee for the kids, another crystal ring for my sister and maybe we should send your parents a surprise Christmas hamper too…”
Then he stopped me, “We have bought enough.”
And his beautiful calm centred me. He was right. Regardless of what we have bought, it will be enough. We have bought gifts for everyone, spent what we planned to and they are all wrapped up.
There is no need to be hospitable to the reckless spender thoughts or any others that fuel fear or self-doubt.
It is now time to concentrate on giving the greatest and most valuable gift to our children, loved ones and our own spirit – being present!
A quote from Richard L Evans that we can all relate to reflecting on our own childhoods or when we think about our own kids:
“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.”
It is time to be present in each moment.
Give others the gift of your loving, nurturing self.
Stop being busy and just listen.
There is nothing more generous that clearly illustrates how much you care than giving someone your full attention and time.
Don’t forget yourself, take moments to savour the flavour of your favourite indulgences, really feel the warmth of the hugs you exchange and sunshine warming the skin or your arms.
Even if you are far away from your family take the time to write or skype to connect whole heartedly with those who mean the most to you.
It’s time just to be.
Magic flows from being present.