How to bring a little peace to your purse

The fastest way to experience money wellness is to purposefully manage the flow of money in your life, what comes in (your income) and what goes out (expenses).
You may have heard the paraphrased notion from James W Frick:
“…don’t tell me what your values are, show me where your money goes and I’ll tell you what you value.”
But we all get a little reckless with our money sometimes, particularly if it is for our children and the ones we love.
We want to bring them joy and find it hard to not demonstrate this through delighting them with gifts.
We want to be generous, but we also want to look after our financial wellbeing.
Last year I made a plan for my family’s monthly spending. I used my credit card to buy everything because I thought “I have a money plan so I won’t over spend. Instead I will be clever and get credit card points.” But I got caught buying lots of little extras. Lots!
You don’t actually realise how much lots of little purchases can add up to until you check your credit card balance.
In my previous post I introduced the idea of my Golden Triangle to Money Wellness.
It is a model that integrates three aspects of yourself; head =mindset, hands = method and heart = mindfulness to create a healthier relationship with money.
So, today’s post is all about method – systems and strategies to manage the flow of money in your life.
And the money method I am going to share with you is so simple, yet so powerful.
It helped us make additional savings of over $1,000 in cash in just 8 months!
It is simply to use cash, not credit.
It might sound old school, but it is ridiculously effective.
Try it out for the Christmas season and I am sure you will be delighted.
Option #1: Use your debit card for Christmas shopping with only the amount you have planned to spend in the account.
Option#2: Take out the cash and use Ziploc bags to help you stick to categories of spending like food, gifts and outings and use the cash only for the intended category!
I use the second approach and ended up designing my own purse with zipped sections and customisable labels. I love it!
Let me know which option works best for you!
My old method of using Ziploc bags…



Inspired the birth of my beautiful purse…



It is bliss to use!