A money mindset exercise to help you worry less about money


Over the past week there seems to be a lot to fuel our fear and feelings of uncertainty around money. Most of it is to do with the share market, Trump moving into The White House and economic uncertainty.
But you have probably noticed that the media loves focusing on high emotion stories and they will always be there. Our minds can be constantly overloaded with negative thoughts and images about our financial futures if we don’t protect it.
We can’t control or predict the future, but we can choose our money mindset and its impact on our health and happiness.
In my previous post I introduced the Head, Heart & Hands: A Model for Mindful Money Management. This model integrates three amazingly powerful aspects of yourself to create a healthier relationship with money.
This model is an overlay to my Golden Triangle to Money Wellness. Where, Head = Mindset, Hands = Method and Heart = Mindfulness.


Over the next couple of weeks I am going to write a post to outline each element and to provide some practical tips and exercises for you to use.
This post offers a simple exercise to help you explore your current money mindset and to get you on to the path of choosing a healthier one. Find a relaxed moment in the coming week to work through it.
You will probably find it helpful to jot down your answers in a journal. If you are in a relationship and you are co-managing your money then it is a great exercise to do together.



I would love to hear how you found this exercise and if it was helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment.