Head, Heart & Hands: A Model for Mindful Money Management


How do you make your money decisions – with your head, heart or hands?
Do you think then act, feel then act or just act?
You will probably find that it depends on the money decision, but you will have a preference.
After studying at Henley Management College, Dr Raymond Meredith Belbin found that we are all influenced by a combination of preferences for using our head (thinking), hands (doing) and heart (feeling) when we work together in a team. His research has been used all over the world to develop high performing teams that are great at making decisions and solving problems.
You might say, ‘what has this got to do with managing money?’
Well, it gave me the idea that, we also have a preference for using our head, heart and hands to approach our money decision and worries. So, why not use mindfulness to encourage ourselves to use them all.
Within us is actually a really powerful team.
Instead of looking for someone else to solve your money problems why not look to the wisdom and enthusiasm that dwells with in us. It is ready and waiting.
Your head, heart and hands are all incredible sources of wisdom. They can all contribute to achieving financial well-being and help money spark joy (to borrow Marie Kondo’s term) in your life.
Here are a couple of questions that might help you get self-curious about your relationship with money…
Head – How do I think about money? What is the one money belief that is holding me back? 
Hands – What can I ‘do’ differently with my money to help me be more conscious about how I spend it?
Heart – What do I value? What brings me joy? Is this what I spend my money on?
Over the next week start by bringing awareness to how your head (thinks), heart (feels) and hands (do) interact with money and at the end of each day jot them down in a journal.
This self-awareness will start to transform the way you manage your money.